Top 3 Reasons Why Sales Enablement Is a Game Changer

While it may be no surprise to you as a sales leader, B2B buyer behavior has shifted dramatically in the past few years. There are 3 game changing reasons why sales enablement equips organizations that are slowly adopting these mandatory shifts, while urging themto adapt in a rapidly-changing sales landscape.Several key themes are contributing to this B2B buyer behavior shift that is anticipated to put one million US salespeople out of a job by 2020. With this movement in the landscape, it is critical for B2B sales leaders to assess how their B2B sales and marketing strategies are supporting inspired customer experiences that meet the evolving customer need for self-service, eCommerce and a sales rep interaction that is consultative and not simply transactional.B2B SALES ENABLEMENT EQUIPS SALES TO PROVIDE SELF-SERVICE EXPERIENCESAn increasing majority of B2B buyers now claim that buying online is more convenient than buying from a rep. With this demand for a self-service sales experience, B2B sales and marketing strategies must embrace a fundamental shift in the role of these reps. In today’s sales landscape, buyers are relying more heavily on self-sought research versus talking to reps to learn about products and services. With buyers preferring to do their own pre-sales research by a factor of 3 to 1, how are your B2B strategies equipping sales reps to create value by anticipating the evaluation criteria to move forward in the buyer journey?B2B sales enablement is the set of practices, processes and platforms that boost performance to drive increased revenue through new customer acquisition. Sales enablement assesses your B2B sales and marketing strategy by how it supports funneling strategically-relevant information about your products and services to customers. Sales enablement defines areas where sales reps can more effectively supplement a buyer’s existing knowledge to accelerate their movement through buyer journey to secure a sale.B2B SALES ENABLEMENT PROPELS SALES INTO THE FUTURE TOWARD ECOMMERCE EXPERIENCESNearly 93% of B2B buyers say they prefer to buy online rather than from a sales rep when they have decided what to buy. This is a dramatic shift away from the traditional B2B sales and marketing strategy that encourages sales reps to focus on building ongoing relationships to directly and actively contribute to a sale.With fewer and fewer B2B buyers contacting a sales rep during any part of the buyer journey, it is critical for your B2B sales and marketing strategy to expand channel reach to include online-accessible information. This assists sales-rep-shy customers with a purchase decision. B2B sales enablement identifies is the readiness of your sales organization to support seamless eCommerce experiences for your customers and to maximize your sales force resources. Through clearly-defined practices for your sales team, B2B sales enablement can propel your organization ahead of your competition by creating real-time, self-service eCommerce experiences.B2B SALES ENABLEMENT POSITIONS SALES AS THE CONSULTANT IN AN INSPIRED CUSTOMER EXPERIENCEUshering in this new era of digitally-enabled B2B selling is the sales rep that takes the approach of consulting rather than order taking. These consultative sales reps that compliment a B2B buyer’s online research of your products and services will thrive in an evolving landscape. An adaptive B2B sales and marketing strategy will position reps to be consultants that are impervious to the threats of advancing technology and changing buyer behaviors.Sales enablement can position sales reps to play this continued crucial role as a consultant in B2B buyer interactions. According to Forrest Research, these “Enlighten Me” buyers need a seller that can do the following:

Understand their unique challenges

Explain the nuances of a company’s products & services

Support a customer in bringing together other factors like internal stakeholders & budget
A consultant helps a confused buyer in a complex buying environment weigh additional unseen considerations, creating an inspired customer experiences that helps buyers move closer to a purchase.*”Death of a (B2B) Salesman,” Forrester Research, 2015

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Global Computer Hardware Industry – Growth of Different Segments

The impact of global recession on the computer hardware companies is left behind and they are back on the progress track. It seems that the forecasts that were made before recession are going to turn true. Different segments of the computer hardware industry are growing with improvement in their design and functionality and rise in their demand.Not only the big hardware manufacturers, but the small and medium sized enterprises too are making big contributions towards the industry growth at a global level. Below you can find few sections that analyze the growth of computer hardware industry segments in different countries.Before that, here is a list of the main segments of the computer hardware industry:• Finished goods like computers and laptops.
• Networking hardware consisting of routers, modems, network cards, network adapters, hubs and switches and other components.
• Storage hardware ranging from the hard disks to the USB storage devices.
• Input and output peripherals like keyboard, mouse, scanners, video cards, speakers, headphones, game controllers and so on.
• System hardware consisting of motherboards, UPS, monitors and other components.Personal Computer Market
In 2008, the global PC market generated the revenue of $203.7 billion that represented the compound annual growth rate of 8 percent from 2004 to 2008. The PC market in China had total worth of $21.8 billion in 2008 representing the total compound annual growth rate of over 14 percent. The United States PC market generated $50.6 billion in 2008 showing 3.8 percent compound annual growth rate.An impressive growth of 42 percent was shown by the PC sales between October and December 2009 in the Indian market. The 52 percent of the desktops sold were contributed by the multinational computer companies and 13 percent by the Indian hardware manufacturers. The remaining 35 percent consisted of assembled desktops.Growth of Other Segments
From October to December 2009, the Indian hardware market witnessed the 70 percent growth of laser printers. The dot matrix printers grew by 13 percent while the inkjet printers grew by 17 percent over the same period in India. The UPS market too recorded the growth rate of 28 percent during the period.In Chin, the total revenue generated from the networking hardware was $4.8 billion in 2008. For the same year, the network hardware growth in the United States was $23 billion. The total revenue for the global network hardware market in 2008 was $112.8 billion. Also, the global storage hardware and peripheral market recorded the revenue of $160.3 billion in 2008.The Future Trends
Going by the latest growth rate, the global hardware market is expected to attain the worth of $537.3 billion by 2012. The computer hardware manufacturers have started following the concept of green computer hardware manufacturing and this is further going to add to the profits of the computer hardware companies.The small and medium sized hardware manufacturers from the developing countries like India have a great future in the computer hardware components. They along with the major players are going to take the computer hardware industry to a new level in the nearby future.

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Cabinet Hardware Gets Personal – Fun Cabinet Hardware to Fit Your Style

Life is so hectic, it’s important to have a little fun when you can. Whimsical and novel cabinet pulls and knobs help you remember not to take life too seriously. If you are looking for cabinet hardware that has personality, look no further. This article series will walk you through the industry’s top name brands and uncover their not-so-dirty little secrets: novelty cabinet hardware.Baby Steps Into Daring Cabinet Hardware: For the faint of heart looking to dabble in whimsical cabinet hardware, Alno hardware has some inviting pieces for your perusal. The reason Alno Hardware is such a great gateway company is because their novelty knobs and pulls have just enough classic in them to stay on the side of traditional cabinet hardware. Their wide range of finishes, however, offers everyone from bold to bashful just the right form of expression. Homeowners and interior designers alike make use of the powerful tool that is hardware finish. You change the finish, and you completely revamp the style of your cabinet knobs or pulls. From rustic iron cabinet knobs to matte black and antique bronze cabinet pulls, there is something that will certainly speak your language in this collection.The Two Faces Of Acorn Cabinet & Drawer Hardware: Acorn is another opening into the world of brazen cabinet knobs and pulls. For example, Acorn sports a lovely collection of pewter cabinet hardware. Hidden behind this seemingly standard facade, however, are entertaining shapes such as acorns, leaves and flowers. You can incorporate these cabinet knobs and pulls into a cozy study or living room, add a few pieces of log furniture and your have yourself a bona fide woodland-themed room. Many other secrets lie within the seemingly quiet finishes of this (and other hardware) company.The other side of the Acorn hardware face is the polar opposite of this tame introduction into novelty hardware. There is no hiding, nor any pretense of hiding, the novelty within these colorful ceramic knobs. Bright colors and exceptional designs mark these cabinet knobs, and unique is not the word. Waves of teal and green, spatters of brightly glowing yellow collide, If you are looking to add a splash of color, personality and individuality to your home, install some of these invigorating cabinet knobs.Amerock, Bold And Beautiful: Amerock cabinet hardware is not just about timeless tradition. They have a huge line of fun and funky cabinet and drawer hardware as well. The ultimate form of self-expression, this eclectic collection of novelty knobs and pulls are just what you need to really say to the world “HELLO!”. Try something from the Amerock Ambrosia collection or choose whimsical cabinet hardware in the shape of forks and spoons for your kitchen from the Accent’z line. Other Amerock hardware includes unusual shapes, bold designs and exciting colors, so search their stock until you’ve found just the right cabinet pulls and knobs for you.Self-expression can be found wherever you look. From your hairstyle to your walk and, yes, even your cabinet hardware. Using innovative designs and exceptional ideas, you can have fun decorating your home with a simple addition of cabinet knobs and pulls. Aside from the initial novelty of installing whimsical cabinet hardware, you are sure to gain enjoyment each time you see and use your cabinet pulls and knobs, custom-made to fit your style and personality. Start decorating the right way using entertaining and charming cabinet hardware.

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